Hi, I’m Brittany Dow

But here’s the only thing that you really need to know about me, I can help you. I want to help you, and coaching with me is never about me, it’s about you.

This is the part where I tell you all about me, my story and I get to humble brag about my own results and achievements. It’s supposed to build trust and likability. According to experts.

But here’s the only thing that you really need to know about me, I can help you. I want to help you, and coaching with me is never about me, it’s about you.

Yes, I have three kids and have an amazing husband and I have created a wonderful life of balance where I have quality relationships with my kids, my husband and myself. I have what is MY version of a picture perfect life for me and am still creating what I want my future to look like for myself, my family AND my business. I’ve done entrepreneurship both ways (the hot mess burn out way and the balanced way), and know intimately the struggles and pains of running a business and raising a family at the same time.

But it doesn’t matter if I created it for myself or if you think my life is enviable

(a marketing expert told me I should make my life seem enviable to my clients. Um no- how about I just be me?)

What matters is if I can help YOU create the life YOU want. And I can.

I believe in you. It’s time you did too.

Everything you have ever done in your life you didn't know how to do.⁠

Until you did.⁠

Read that again.⁠

Have you had that thought before? " I don't know if I can do this because I never have before"? Or find yourself looking to your past to decide what you can or can't do now?⁠

It's pretty common. A very human and normal thing to do. BUT still majorly can hold us back.⁠

If you want get into more on this topic episode 25:⁠

"End Self Sabotage From Your Future Self"⁠

on the 🎙️ Balanced and Free Mom Boss Podcast is a great on for this topic and what you can do about it.⁠

Link to the podcast is found in my profile or you can search wherever you listen to your podcasts. 📲

"It's supposed to be hard."⁠

Seems true enough. Maybe an innocent observation or fact.⁠

YES. Doing things that challenge us CAN feel hard.⁠

But do you know the difference of when it's hard simply because it's something your getting used to doing and that takes time to adjust and learn ⁠
unintentionally (or intentionally) making it harder on yourself because of the way you are thinking?⁠

It's the difference in working out a muscle vs running yourself into a brick wall.⁠

Training a muscle feels hard until the muscle learns to adapt and it gets faster, stronger and more efficient. aka - easier.⁠

Running into a brick wall never gets easier. ⁠

Only problem? We rarely are able to see our own brick walls. ⁠

Coaching helps us identify our brick walls and ways around them. Especially causal mindset coaching. Which is coaching focused on the root cause and it's unintentional results.⁠

If you are ready for this consider a coach. One that can help you with your specific needs. You are worth the investment.⁠

Even if it's not me, I don't even care - just get someone that can help YOU with your brick walls. Because you deserve for things to be a little easier. ⁠

If this made you go 🤔 you are going to want to check out this weeks podcast episode.⁠

If you find yourself: ⁠
- talking yourself out of trying something new⁠
- making a change ⁠
- just feeling "stuck"⁠
- giving up on something⁠
- believing you can't get what you want until someone else or someTHING changes first⁠
- ever think or say " Well I am not sure that I can do that because I never have before."⁠

Then you will probably really enjoy the podcast episode too. ⁠

"End Self Sabotage from Your Future Self"⁠

is the podcast episode title. ⁠

You can find it on "Balanced and Free Mom Boss Podcast"⁠

I also have a link to iTunes in my profile bio to make it easier for you to find. 💛⁠

You are running a home, a business, taking care of the needs of smallish humans, (probably also taking care of the needs of a bigger one who maybe feels like an additional child of yours at time)😜 while also trying to meet your own needs.⁠

In a pandemic.⁠

With less support.⁠

With more demands from you. ⁠

It can feel like a lot.⁠

A lot of responsibility.⁠

A lot asked of you.⁠

A lot to juggle. ⁠

It feels unfair, and overwhelming and unsustainable.⁠

And maybe it all those things. ⁠

But I know that there is something that you can do to make it easier on yourself. To make it more enjoyable.⁠

Without needing COVID to go away.⁠
Or your spouse to help out more or read your mind better.⁠
Or your kids to be different first.⁠
Or for the world to go back to normal.⁠
Or more certainty in your future. ⁠
Or whatever you may be consciously or unconsciously waiting for to change so you can FEEL better. ⁠

You interested in learning what that it is and how to do it?⁠

DM me for questions or comment YES or NO in the comments. ⬇️

Do you ever get stuck on the HOW of things?⠀

- How to make your kids not fight.⠀
-How to make more money. ⠀
- How to manage your time better.⠀
- How to feel better⠀
- How to be a good mom⠀

You know what result you want, what you wish would change... but that tricky HOW is where we often get stuck.⠀

Why? Well, because we rarely know the how until we after we have achieved it.⠀

We might have an idea of how to get there. Or we believe someone else does and we can just follow them.⠀

But here's the thing - there are hundreds of ways to achieve the same thing.⠀

Hows change. They are fluid and are accomplished through trial and error, re-working and adjusting.⠀

There is no magic how, and we find ourselves in the rabbit hole of trying to find "the thing" that is going to finally work for us.⠀

🚨Spoiler alert - there is no magic thing.⠀

BUT - if you focus more on your WHY then you will find your mind opens to all the possibilities on the HOW for yourself that are more aligned with your REAL reason for wanting the result.⠀

Start with the WHY.⠀

Your WHY is the real goal you are wanting to achieve.⠀

Why do you want your kids to stop fighting more? Why do you want to be more organized? Why do you want to lose a couple pounds or exercise more? Why do you want to make more money?⠀

Maybe it's so you feel more peace when at home, or so you don't have to worry about how they will turn out as adults. Maybe you want to be organized so you don't feel overwhelmed or lose things. You want to lose a couple pounds so you can have more energy or more confidence. More money so you feel secure or more freedom.⠀

Just some examples. Because when we understand the WHY more than the HOW, the How becomes inevitable to achieve. There is less resistance to the how, and we are able to customize it to our own needs and desires.⠀

Understanding your WHY CLEARLY comes with the skill of mind management and self coaching. ⠀

I teach and help with both. How to self coach, understand your mind and how to move forward once you do. ⠀

If you would like to learn these skills for yourself my email list is a great way to get tips and info

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Just a reminder. Yes 2021 is a metaphorical fresh start, but you can change anything you want in your life on any day, in any moment.

Because what happens to you and what goes on outside of you isn’t what determines your ability to do it. And we all woke up today still in a pandemic. ( I know lame right?!) 🤪

So if 2021 starts off for you still feeling like 2020, remember, the change comes from within first ❤️❤️

May 2021 be filled with mindset shifts, the ability to let go of limiting beliefs and the knowledge of how to create the feelings and experiences you truly desire ❤️❤️

Happy New Year!! 🥳🥳🎉

We are always way harder on ourselves than we would ever be a friend.⁠⠀
Not only is expressing gratitude to ourselves a powerful and often over looked practice,⁠⠀
Expressing it from the view point of a good friend allows us to see ourselves through fresh eyes. To really see all that is really there that isn't clouded by our own expectations and inner critic.⁠⠀
I encourage you to end your year with a generous pat on your back. Celebrate girl! You deserve it. ⁠⠀
And I promise walking into a new year will feel a whole lot different from a place of gratitiude.⁠⠀
Try it out, let me know how it goes! 💕⠀
Happy close to a 2020 and cheers to you in 2021! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

We could all use a little reminder sometimes.⁠⠀
#spreadthelight #spreadthecheer

Did you know that it takes the brain a few seconds of holding a positive thought or moment to fully process it?⁠⠀
Compared to a negative one that takes a fraction of the time?⁠⠀
We have positive moments and thoughts all the time but don't get to fully process them if we are just busily pushing through our day. (which many moms do)⁠⠀
Take a positive moment and really let it sink in. Really process and appreciate it. Maybe even write it down to remember it. Savor the feeling.⁠⠀
Take it from a moment in time to a full blown positive "experience"⁠⠀
Really FEEL your joy. 🥰⁠⠀
#spreadthelight #spreadthecheer

I want to wish you the Merriest of Christmases from our family to yours!🎄 ...

They say you need a village to raise a child, but a lot of us are doing it on an island.⁠

Check in with each other.⁠

Share love and encouragement.⁠

Be a safe place to vent or ask for advice.⁠

Just check in.⁠

Remind someone they are being thought of and cared about.⁠

#spreadthelight #spreadthecheer

Small businesses really count on others sharing what they have liked about their program or product.⁠⠀
When you don't have big ad budgets, they count on real customers spreading the word.⁠⠀
Give a small woman owned business some love today with a review or slip a testimonial in her DM's and help her spread her message/ product or service to others and help her grow.⁠⠀
#spreadthelight #spreadthecheer

Even if you think they know, most of us walk around unaware of those we inspire and impact.⁠⠀
Share with another woman today just how amazing you think they truly are!

The best help you can give another mom / woman owned business is your support 💕⁠⠀
Either with your dollars or spreading the word about them!⁠⠀
Share with us your favorite products or services and tag them in the comments!⁠⠀
Bonus points if make a purchase from one (big or small doesn't matter) this holiday season.⁠⠀
Share the love. #spreadthelight #spreadthecheer

If you are looking for another way to support women and spread some love and cheer,

there are so many organizations that fight for and support women and their families in...

Fair child care services, equality in the workplace, educational services, supporting the next generation of women, legal assistance for workplace for fair pay and treatment, helping single moms put food in the table and roof over heads etc.

Here are some just to name a few.

She’s the First
Women’s Learning Partnership
The Hunger Project
National Partnership for Women and Families
Family Promise, Inc.

Share an organization here in the comments that’s supports women, mothers and or young girls.

Consider donating to one that resonates with you ❤️❤️

#spreadthelight #spreadthecheer

2020 is almost over, and even though I work from home, am an introvert by nature and really really enjoy naps and my bed;⁠⠀
This year I have spent more time at home than any year I can think of... ever! Not even the newborn years!⁠⠀
While there are days where I crave a change of scenery, I am so grateful for these walls and roof over our heads that that keep me and my family safe, warm and together.⁠⠀
There has been laughter, there have been tears. There has been fights and there has been service, kindness, love and creativity.⁠⠀
While I never would have picked this years circumstances on my own, I am grateful for the goodness that has come of it.⁠⠀

Another woman is our sister, not our competition. We grow and strengthen ourselves and each other by lifting each other up.⁠⠀
Share, uplift, encourage <3 ⁠⠀
You can also tag a woman / mom owned business, product or service in the comments below to share.

Sending meals to a new mom or because of illness is pretty common, but what about sending a meal just for the heck of it?⁠

Just to make someone else's day a bit easier? One less thing to do and think about.⁠

Do you know a mom who is working from home, being mom and homeschool teacher?⁠

Maybe consider sending a dinner her way. ⁠

Or drop by a good lunch mid day when she's likely eating the leftover nuggets from her kids plate. ⁠

Who wouldn't love to get a good meal in the middle of work / homeschool day? ⁠

You don't have to make it or even deliver it yourself if you yourself don't have the time. Just place an order and have it delivered to their home for them.⁠

There are lots of easy ways for us to help one another <3 ⁠

We often don't get as much credit as we deserve.⁠

Women owned businesses, particularly mom owned businesses (especially now with covid) delicately balance the roles of motherhood, household and business owner.⁠

Let's show our mom owned businesses, our woman owned businesses some love.⁠

Even if you do not have your own business, I am sure you know at least one woman who does.⁠

Tag them in the comments and share with us what you love about them or their business.⁠