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One of the biggest misconception’s about balancing life as a mom is that “balance is about equal time”⁠ ⁠and that limiting un-true belief can lead to so much guilt.⁠

Guilt when you are thinking you should be spending more time with your kids.⁠

Guilt when you think you should be spending more time working on your business. ⁠

Guilt when the tasks aren’t completed. The house isn’t as clean. The project isn’t as good. ⁠

When you aren’t like “the other moms”⁠

When your business isn’t as successful as the “other ones”⁠

Trying to make sure everyone gets a good piece of you so they can be happy and thriving.⁠

But you are not a pie. ⁠🥧⁠

Being cut up and handed out to all the people and things in your life. ⁠

This is not balance.⁠ 😳⁠

Think more about balancing on one foot.⁠

The weight of your body is not evenly distributed. It is not equal.⁠

But you can easily maintain your balance when you center yourself. When you engage your core. ⁠

Someone can try to push you over. ⁠
Add weight to one side or the other.⁠

But you can maintain balance if centered and engaged. You can stay present.⁠

Like a tree. Strong and centered in its trunk and able to extend it’s branches from that strong core.⁠ 🌳⁠

This is the same way you achieve and maintain balance as a mom entrepreneur.⁠

When you create balance like this the guilty thoughts that make us feel terrible are no longer nagging at us.⁠

👉Thoughts like :⁠
“it’s selfish of you for having a business”, ⁠
“selfish that you are taking any time away from the kids”⁠
“selfish for even wanting a business”…⁠

Thinking that your kids will suffer if you aren’t 100% present all the time.⁠

These are all thoughts, that can create those feelings of guilt. We have those thoughts because of our limiting beliefs and misconceptions about balance and motherhood.⁠

What about you? Are you a pie being divided up and handed out or are you a tree? 🥧 🌳