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Do you ever feel like you’ve been busy all day, but when you try to really pin point what you accomplished it’s hard to put a finger on exactly what you did?⁠ (🙋‍♀️ hello first year of every child of mines life 😂)⠀
Maybe it’s cause your toddler followed you around and undid it all after you did it, ( got love them) ⠀

or maybe you are more in “reactive action” mode instead of “intentional action” mode.⁠⠀
If you are in reactive mode you may:⁠⠀
– Feel a bit scattered⁠⠀
– Busy, but not really seeing the results you want⁠⠀
– Always forgetting something⁠⠀
– Lacking clarity⁠⠀
– Trouble focusing and finishing tasks⁠⠀
– Find it hard to make clear decisions and act on them⁠⠀
– Jump from one task to the next without intentionally ending and starting a new one ( squirrel! 🐿️)⁠⠀
Just to name a few.⁠⠀
One of the biggest shifts you can make to start getting more balance and freedom in your life and business is to identify your essential tasks; the ones that get you closer to your goal and intentionally choose those.⁠⠀
Whatever your goals are for your home, your business, in your relationships … you get the picture.⁠⠀
Know the difference in staying busy, and making progress.⁠⠀
Even if it’s just small tiny progress, it will be more effective and meaningful than just being busily doing things that are keeping you stuck and spinning. ⁠⠀
(I’ve also got another good tip in my stories today on getting more done without the burnout or not finishing tasks)⠀

But if you feel like you may want some extra help in this area…⠀

Knowing the difference in tasks importance, finishing tasks and getting more done in less time…⠀

✅ My 3 Hour Workday Guide can help you even more in depth with that. ⠀

Totally free- just wanna give you that extra help if you are needing it. You can find the link for it in my profile bio 💛