Moment of silence for the ideas, dreams and goals lost to perfectionism. ⁠

The second guessing, the hours ruminating and working on things that will never see the light of day.⁠

The searching and stressing over the “right way to do it”⁠

Then the shame, fear and anxiety cycles you experience if you do put it out into the world.⁠

The tweaking and revising. The worry the doubt. ⁠


The all or nothing mentality. ⁠

It’s all just fear of of failure and rejection wrapped up in a pretty word we call 🎀 perfectionism.⁠

Telling ourselves we are striving for perfection or have high standards is just our brains protecting ourselves from the truth.⁠

You are scared.⁠

And that’s okay.⁠

But you are trying to be perfect or produce perfect things in order to avoid fear and the pain of failure or rejection.⁠

Except you are feeling it ahead of time. ⁠

You reject yourself over and over and over again in attempts to get things perfect.⁠

You fail over and over and over again every time you tell yourself it’s not good enough and never finish or put it out there.⁠

You are creating all the things you are trying to avoid. ⁠

Without the reward of joyfully creating or doing something.⁠
Or fully allowing ourselves to be ourselves and loving unconditionally.⁠

Our minds are tricky little things aren’t they?⁠

Go check out my podcast episode on Perfectionism if you want to learn more about how our minds do this to us, and what you can do now to help alleviate it. ⁠

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