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Have you ever wondered this?⁠

If thoughts are the creators of our experience in our life, then how do you know the difference of when you should actually do something different in your life vs when you should just work on your thinking?⁠

It’s a question that came up in a coaching call and to be honest, with 2020 one that I have thought myself a few times.⁠

So here is where I think the answer is. I could be wrong, but it’s for you to decide.⁠

When you no longer believe that your new circumstance will give you what you are looking for.⁠

When you can create what you are looking for in your current circumstance and you still would like something different.⁠

What I mean is:⁠

If you want to move to be happy. Be happy where you are and then move.⁠

If you want to quit something because you are stressed. Lessen your stress and then decide to quit or not. ⁠

In essence change your thinking to get your desired feeling you think the new circumstance will give you, and then decide if you still want the new circumstance.⁠

Then you aren’t changing circumstances thinking it will fix you, only to bring you to the new circumstance and realize it wasn’t the problem.⁠

You can want change simply because you want it. Nothing wrong with it. Just don’t use it as a sneaky fix for something you aren’t wanting to take the time to actually work on. ⁠

Just my thoughts on it. Feel free to use it in your life or disagree with me.