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There is a crazy thing happening out there. Positive people are secretly miserable.⁠

Then they feel terrible for feeling terrible when they are trying so hard to be positive.⁠


It’s because in an effort to be positive and not “manifest” negative things, most people skip a very important step and do a destructive one instead.⁠

They skip processing the negative, and instead resist it and try to cover it up with a positive.⁠

This adds to the intensity of the negative emotion, with none of the relief because you can’t release the tension on something that you are pretending doesn’t exist. ⁠

Then you are layering on the additional thoughts and feelings that make you feel bad that you think positively and still feel terrible some times.⁠

Or anxious.⁠

Or overwhelmed.⁠

Then you have an outburst, or anxiety attack.⁠

Worry less about every thought being positive and instead intentionally choose the thoughts that create the feelings and actions you want to take from AWARENESS of what you currently think and feel – not from lala land.⁠

Want to be happy? First acknowledge that you feel sad. That it’s okay to feel sad.⁠

Process it, release it. ⁠

THEN choose your intentional thoughts.⁠

Try it out. ⁠

Good things can still come from neutral and basic thoughts. Not everything has to be “santa clause at disneyland on prozac getting laid.” ⁠

(20 points if you get the tv show reference!)