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Do you ever get stuck on the HOW of things?

– How to make your kids not fight.
-How to make more money.
– How to manage your time better.
– How to feel better
– How to be a good mom

You know what result you want, what you wish would change… but that tricky HOW is where we often get stuck.

Why? Well, because we rarely know the how until we after we have achieved it.

We might have an idea of how to get there. Or we believe someone else does and we can just follow them.

But here’s the thing – there are hundreds of ways to achieve the same thing.

Hows change. They are fluid and are accomplished through trial and error, re-working and adjusting.

There is no magic how, and we find ourselves in the rabbit hole of trying to find “the thing” that is going to finally work for us.

🚨Spoiler alert – there is no magic thing.

BUT – if you focus more on your WHY then you will find your mind opens to all the possibilities on the HOW for yourself that are more aligned with your REAL reason for wanting the result.

Start with the WHY.

Your WHY is the real goal you are wanting to achieve.

Why do you want your kids to stop fighting more? Why do you want to be more organized? Why do you want to lose a couple pounds or exercise more? Why do you want to make more money?

Maybe it’s so you feel more peace when at home, or so you don’t have to worry about how they will turn out as adults. Maybe you want to be organized so you don’t feel overwhelmed or lose things. You want to lose a couple pounds so you can have more energy or more confidence. More money so you feel secure or more freedom.

Just some examples. Because when we understand the WHY more than the HOW, the How becomes inevitable to achieve. There is less resistance to the how, and we are able to customize it to our own needs and desires.

Understanding your WHY CLEARLY comes with the skill of mind management and self coaching.

I teach and help with both. How to self coach, understand your mind and how to move forward once you do.

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