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I have had more than one mom think they were depressed and needed medication when they realized it was really just burnout.⁠ (which for the record, I am not saying is true or not true. Always seek medical advice when you feel it’s necessary)⁠

Burnout can look like depression in some ways, but the fix is much easier and quicker.⁠

So if you think you may be in burnout or wondering if it might actually be depression, try this and see if it helps alleviate some of it.⁠

Check in with what you are thinking and feeling.⁠

Seriously. ⁠

Write it down. ⁠

Then question all of it.⁠

How could the opposite be true?⁠

Seems weird, but often when we are burned out it is because we are unaware of limiting beliefs and thoughts keeping us stuck.⁠

Start there. Because telling you to take time for yourself when you believe that you can’t, isn’t useful.⁠

Encouraging you to do less when you believe it’s your responsibility to do it all… wont work.⁠

Every problem starts as a thought problem.⁠

So check in.⁠

You may find that just loosing up those thoughts a bit allows you to feel a little different. Make different choices easier that will in turn lessen your burnout.⁠

Give it try. Tell me how it goes! ⁠