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Who has started out Monday with a list of to do’s bound and determined to be productive and show up like a boss,⁠ only to find themselves wanting to crawl under the covers and hide from the world and their children by Tuesday?⁠

Or using the time you said you would work organizing the spice drawer because you don’t really know where to start or what to do in your business…⁠

but organizing spices seems productive. And well, you know how to do it. ⁠

And no one will reject you for it.⁠

How about NEEDING your whole house to be clean and done before you can allow yourself to sit down and work because YOU JUST CAN’T with the chaos? ⁠

Only to leave very little time and energy for work by the time you are done.⁠

( not to mention the frustration when you emerge from your office for a snack to find a mess waiting for you again.) ⁠

I see you nodding.⁠

These things (and many more scenarios) are pretty common and it comes from a really simple oversight.⁠

Un- awareness.⁠

Un-awareness around our thinking, decision making, direction, essential things, how long something really takes, why we think we have to do things that we don’t really need to do, perfectionism….⁠

So many energy draining, time consuming and mentally and emotionally exhausting cycles we find ourselves in come from simple un-awareness.⁠

It’s the old saying ” you can’t see the forest from the trees”⁠

I teach my clients how to not only get awareness, but what to actually do about it once they do.⁠

Plus, some great tools on effective scheduling. You learn how to get so much more done in less time and less energy.⁠

Send me a message on Instagram if you want to learn more about how you can learn this for yourself too.