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It’s just pointing us in the direction we either need to look at, or create more of.⁠

As a society we spend a lot of energy and time judging, shaming, avoiding and resisting our thoughts and emotions.⁠

Because we make them mean something about us. Usually something bad. Something painful.⁠

But those are just thoughts and emotions too.⁠

We have some 60,000 thoughts a day😮 and thoughts are what create our feelings.⁠

There is no way that 60,000 times we are changing our emotions in a day.⁠

The neutral thoughts we rarely even notice because they have no emotional effect on us. Our brains just process it as information in, information out.⁠

But the thoughts that create a noticeable emotion? Those ones we assigned meaning to.⁠

Positive or negative.⁠

Without the meaning, they are just like any of the other thoughts. Data in, data out.⁠

In coaching and in the Balanced and Free Mom Boss Academy, one of the first things we learn as I teach how to self coach, is that we are not our thoughts.⁠

We are a judgement shame free zone for ourselves to just explore our minds and emotions with curiosity.⁠

This is how we truly see what we are creating in our lives and begin to learn to process emotions fully.⁠

Ironically doing this, actually lessens the effect of the negative emotions because we learn not to resist it (which increases it’s intensity) and we’re no longer layering on secondary negative emotions.⁠

It’s a much more freeing way to experience our emotions and become aware of our thinking.⁠

Give it a try. As always I am here to help you learn this for yourself in the Academy. Click here for more information.

Was this valuable to you? Let me know in the comments below if this was helpful to you. ⬇️⁠

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