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It’s seems like such a nice thought.

I mean of course we value our families, their needs and are willing to make sacrifices for those we love.

It’s a noble thought. 

Except when we use it as an excuse to not work on our businesses. 

Or take care of ourselves. 

Or when we use it as a way to “gracefully bow out” of doing something that scares us.

We can do this with “nice thoughts” sometimes. We use them as an excuse.

Does this thought work FOR you? Or unintentionally against you?

It’s worth looking at those innocent thoughts to see if we are actually using them to hold ourselves back.

Some new thoughts you can try on if this thought isn’t working how you thought it was…

“I can easily keep my family as a priority while working and taking time for myself.”

“My family is my reason not my excuse”.

“I can prioritize effectively and efficiently for all the areas that are important to me.”

These are just some examples. They may work for you, they may not. 

Try finding one that works for you? Tell me what you come up with and share for others to be helped by your thoughts to in the comments 👇🏼💕

You can also check out episodes 6&7 of the podcast for more help in this area.

Share with me what you learn!

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