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I don’t know who needs to hear this but you are overestimating other people, and seriously underestimating yourself!

They are not a unicorn. 🦄 You are not a troll 😂⁠

Weird comparison, but really. There is nothing special or magical about other people.⁠

They weren’t hit with unicorn dust at birth and some how you got hit with troll dust.⁠

We all have different talents or purposes, but the only thing that they MAY be doing different than you is believing in themself.⁠

Showing up the best way that they know how.⁠ And embracing what they don’t know yet without beating themselves up.

(and probably NOT posting their lows to instagram)⁠ 🙃

Everyones life is 50/50 . Both negative and positive. ⁠

No way around it.⁠

Even the influencer wearing silk pajamas and eating a croissant in her “woke up like this” pic with the French Rivera in the background. 

Question is – what do you want to do with YOUR 50 /50 in this life?⁠

If you want to learn how to stop underestimating yourself and start showing up consistently for your dreams,⁠ this is something that I teach you how to do in the Balanced and Free Mom Boss Academy.⁠

My online course for mom entrepreneurs looking to balance their home life and business. ⁠

Because being stuck in comparison, not believing in yourself and not showing up consistently all can keep you stuck and unable to balance your life.⁠

If you are ready to break free from those things, then come check out the Academy – you can view more info here: https://balanced-and-free-mom-boss—

See you in there! 💛

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