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Ok guys, this blog post is going to drop some bombs on you. You ready? There is a difference between working hard, being happy, and hustling. I think that society has ingrained in us that to be hard workers we have to hustle and those two things will bring us happiness. But I’m here to say that just isn’t true. At least not for me and it doesn’t have to be for you. 

Let’s break this down and start with hard work. I am not afraid of hard work and in fact I am actually a very hard worker! But I don’t equate being overworked, stressed out, and scatterbrained with hard work. You don’t have to be overwhelmed to know you are working hard girl! My goal with working hard is to make sure that my work allows me to have an easier workflow. To some, easy means you aren’t working hard enough, but I just don’t share that same thought. I think easy means that you are creating a life that allows you to have balance and to truly enjoy life. 

Now let’s dive into the hustle. Hustling often comes with a vision of working hard for something. Whether that be a promotion, more money, or more clients. We hustle to get ahead. But I’m just not interested in that. Because what if instead of hustling to get ahead we were just happy and content exactly where we were? 

Society has led us to thinking that life is about the hustle. It’s not even anyone’s fault that we have this unaligned belief that hustling brings happiness and hard work is only hard work if you’re hustling. It’s a misconception that I’m ready to break. Truly think about this for a moment: what is the point of it all if we are hustling in order to be happy? Seriously! If we’re hustling to one day be able to have more free time or hustling to one day be able to relax and be happy, we’re doing it backwards. Because this means that our happiness is always tied to a future goal that we have not obtained and can be taken away at any moment. 

I’d rather live in this moment that has been given to me. I’d rather work hard to have enough money for my family to do things we love but also know that I don’t need to hustle 24/7 because I also want to have the time to enjoy my life. I have an awareness that life is short and tomorrow isn’t guaranteed for any of us, so why are we spending our lives striving for future happiness when we can soak it in right now? 

That’s why I chose to cut out the hustle from my life and unlearn the belief that hard work equals hustling. I’d rather be happy, free and content knowing where my true happiness comes from, while still being a hard worker and creating a life that only adds to my roles as a woman and mother. 

So I challenge you to think about your life right now. Not a year from now or even a few months from now. Think about how you are living your life today. Does it make you happy? If not, why not? Do you tie your happiness to the hustle and feel guilty that you aren’t working “hard enough”? Because I am here to tell you, you deserve to have a life full of joy and happiness in your present, not just your future. And if you don’t have that right now, I want to encourage you to take a step back and write down what would make you deliriously happy in life right now and make it happen. Hint: that may mean more boundaries, less work, and more free time and that’s ok! 


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