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“It’s my job to like me, and make sure I am happy. No one else’s”

Ooooh! Read that again -out loud! THIS. THIS. This is a game changer.⁠

Most of us are walking around putting all of our ability to be happy in the hands of other people.⁠

Often times in the hands of people that we feel hurt by the most.⁠

Let me ask you -⁠
⁠Is that person you are ⁠
-wanting to change, ⁠
-wanting to like you, ⁠
-wanting to behave differently, ⁠
-wanting them to apologize to you ect. ⁠
(whatever it is that you are wanting from them and thinking you need in order to feel happy) ⁠

Is that really the person that you want in charge of your happiness?⁠

There is only one person whose job it is to make you happy, and not only is it your job – you are the only one who can even do it properly.⁠

If your thoughts are what create your feelings, only your thoughts can create happiness.⁠

Some circumstances make it easier to have happy inducing thoughts, but in the end – it’s still all just coming from within.⁠

Learning how to do this can be difficult to implement. Especially when we have spent our whole lives doing the opposite. People pleasing, perfectionism, victimhood – all of those things shift when you learn how to shift the narrative for yourself and take back responsibility over your emotional life.⁠

This alone makes huge differences in your ability to feel balance, freedom and true joy in your life. If you want help with this, I’ve got you. This is actually probably my favorite thing to help people with.⁠

⁠Send me a message if you are ready to take back control over your happiness!

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