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Have you ever thought you weren’t doing enough?⁠

That you weren’t good enough?⁠

That others are doing and being more than you?⁠

Being busy doesn’t make you more valuable. ⁠

Doing it by yourself doesn’t mean you are more capable and using / asking for help doesn’t make you less than or unsuccessful.⁠

In fact, it usually means the opposite.⁠

You can free so much of your mental, emotional and physical overwhelm when you clear out the unnecessary things. The things that aren’t getting you closer to greatest goals and desires.⁠

You can be more successful in all your roles in life when you take what’s left and you let others help.⁠

⁠Even that “help” means letting a child pour their own cereal and put away their own clothes and their very best is still a bit of a hot mess. ⁠

If that help looks like hiring someone and leaning on their strengths. ⁠

Your worth and value is tied up in how “busy” you are, and strength doesn’t come from doing things alone.⁠

Clear up some of those things you think YOU have to do or should do and open yourself up to the possibility that it’s all just coming from a thought.

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