My answer to the question from a friend who asked ” What made you get a coach before you became one?”⁠

And it’s the honest to goodness truth.⁠

I was tired of being resentful of my kids, my husband, my circumstance, feeling stuck, that I had to sacrifice so much because of it all, that everything fell on my shoulders. All the things to do and manage and remember…⁠

Then feeling guilty that I was resentful.⁠

You know – the grumble as you clean the floor for the fifth time followed by the totally out of proportion reaction to the first person who spills something?⁠

I was over it. I hated feeling that way and feeling totally stuck and disempowered to do anything about it. ⁠

I had done years of self-help, organizational systems, parenting books – the works. And I actually “managed” my life pretty well. ⁠

I just had no idea how to manage my emotional life.⁠

I’d kept trying to change my emotions by controlling my outside circumstances, and after years of that I finally realized that maybe there was something else I needed to do. ⁠

Then I found a coach who taught me all about why I was really feeling the way that I was feeling, and that I didn’t have to change any of my circumstances or any of the people in my life if I didn’t want to in order to feel how I wanted to feel.⁠

The lessons I learned were worth 10x what I paid to learn them and looking back I would give even more if I knew how much it would change things.

Because our feelings drive our actions.⁠

And by learning how to manage my emotional life, I actually made the rest of my life, my business and my families life SOOOO much easier, because I was doing more of the actions I wanted effortlessly instead of battling all the habits and actions of myself and everyone else in my house that I didn’t want over and over.⁠

Oh – and I haven’t felt resentment or guilt since then 🤗

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