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Well, if you feel like you are being held back from what you truly desire (whatever that may be for you)⁠ Then the answer is YES.⁠

Taking time for yourself.⁠

Enjoying your kids again.⁠

Making more money.⁠

Outsourcing business tasks.⁠

Outsourcing home tasks.⁠

Losing weight.⁠

Achieving a goal.⁠

Scaling your business.⁠

Building better relationships in your life.⁠

Taking the vacation.⁠

Pivoting your business.⁠

Pivoting your life.⁠

Whatever it is – your mind is ALWAYS the thing holding you back. Logistics of HOW to do something, ways to pay for it, ways to make it work – it’s all figureoutable.⁠

The only thing is if your mind will allow you to figure it out. ⁠

⁠What is your mind blocking from?⁠

⁠What dissonance do you maybe have? ⁠

When you believe two opposing thoughts – like, “I want more time to myself” and “I can’t have time to myself because I have to do everything myself” or “time to myself is selfish”⁠ It’s all mindset blocks. ⁠

⁠They are all over-come-able (just made that word up thank you) and figureoutable (another fake word) IF you want to. ⁠

At the end of the day it’s up to you!

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