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In today’s blog post I want to talk about a very important topic. That topic is about boundaries. If you’re a working mom this blog post is specifically for you! Now, I want you to ask yourself, do you work when it’s work time AND mom when it’s mom time? If you do.. Keep reading!

This is where mom’s get tripped up the most.⁠

Squishing the two worlds together, always mutli-tasking it all and never really “turning off” or being fully present.⁠ Have you been there before? When you’re with your kids, you’re thinking about work and when you’re working you’re thinking about your kids?

Or maybe it’s the responding to emails while watching the family movie together, or dinner, or the smile and nod without looking up from the phone as your kid says “mom, watch me” 100 times.⁠

This is all perfectly normal! No shame here. Running a business from home, while being mom – it’s two things that don’t really have a natural “clock out”. And when you feel like you can’t take real solid uninterrupted time to work, you try to squeeze it in whenever you can. If anything, it’s your brain trying to be more efficient. ⁠

The only problem with this is you end up feeling guilty for working “too much” and not spending focused time with your family and you also feel guilty for “not working enough” simultaneously.⁠

So basically you just are always “ON” and feeling guilty and like there is more you should be doing somewhere.⁠

It also actually makes you LESS efficient. Thanks brain. ⁠

Super fun.⁠

No worries – I got you. ⁠

If you are someone who wants to get more clear boundaries in your life and get more done WHILE enjoying your family and work time, then go check out my podcast to learn more about how to do that.

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