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Most moms will say they are tired.

In fact it’s like the mom battle cry.

If we had a statue of liberty dedicated to moms it would say something like “Give me your tired, your overwhelmed, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe and be free (even if it’s just to shower or go to the bathroom alone.)

Some of us may be physically tired especially in the newborn and toddler stages, but even after your child sleeps soundly in their own bed, moms everywhere are calling for bedtimes at 5pm because we just can’t do the day one more minute, and it’s dinner time, and practice and homework and UGH!

We are mentally and emotionally tired.

But beyond the fact that we are in charge of other human beings all day long, that isn’t what truly causes most of our fatigue. In fact, the root of the problem is something that moms face on a daily, if not hour and minute basis…decision fatigue.

We are faced with hundreds of decisions on a daily basis not only for ourselves and our businesses, but for every member of our family as well. Big decisions and teeny tiny decisions all require a mental pros and cons, risk reward analysis, from what to do about your childs screen time usage to what color yoga pants youll wear today, to what to make for dinner, how to get all the humans to all the places etc, the list goes on.

And we experience a physcological phenomenon where our brains just literally can’t. We go into paralysis. Our quality and abilities to problem solve and make decisions deteriorates and even when we find ourselves having not done much physically we are pooped – spent – want to go to bed and sleep for a year.

So what something you can do about it?

Well here’s one tip you can implement right now.

Make some easy decisions ahead of time. Whether that’s deciding your clothes for the week, meal planning or just assigning a type to each day.

Know your priorities. If you have 10 minutes in the morning, what is the more important tasks to you? Cleaning your room, your kitchen, laundry, replying to emails, showering… decide ahead of time what the pecking order is for your tasks or goals so that you always know when push comes to shove what gets your attention and what falls away for another day… or never.

In my coaching program, we take this a step further and I teach you just how to figure out what your real priorities are, what’s truly essential to your goals and we break it all down. I teach you how to manage your mind so you don’t experience decision fatigue and when and if you do it’s minimal.

Imagine a day where at the end you weren’t actually mentally exhausted ready to loose your mind if one more person asked for you a question or for your help with something.

You can have that. It’s yours if you want it.

You can get the help you deserve to get your brain back!

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